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DealFlow is a simulation platform for learning real estate investing.

  The original simulator tested in Silicon Valley and Los Angeles for almost a year. Participants with varying levels of real estate investment knowledge learned how to do simple to complex real estate transactions by experiencing actual deals.  An online subscriber version is now being launched.

As a subscriber education platform, DealFlow brings a qualified audience to advertisers of real estate goods & services and agents and brokers. Think meets meets

With DealFlow, properties, goods and services are negotiated and exchanged for gains or losses while connecting subscribers for real-life deals. Subscribers receive a tutorial they’re interested in and then master strategies and techniques inside the simulator. DealFlow teaches wholesaling, fix and flips, rehabs, subject to/lease options, commercial & multi-family transactions, land development/construction and real estate terminology, finance and creativity. Subscribers compete for deals while facing player antics, natural disasters, and fraud, economic cycles, environmental issues and misguided due diligence and risk analysis.
The DealFlow environment is when emotions are high – intelligence is low.  
Our accomplishments now are:
1.     Build the pitch reel for real estate crowdfunding sites for capitalization.
2.     Complete affiliate marketing distribution partnerships.

3.     Complete the development and management teams.


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